Carpe Noctem

There's something about sunshine that often makes everything look bleached, particularly in the summer time. That's just my view. I know it isn't that way for everyone, and I do enjoy sunshine. I love basking in it to warm myself, the way it glistens off a body of water, the way it ripens everything and seasons the air.
But at night I feel more calm, usually. Night is a reprieve from day. Yin and yang--what can I say that isn't cheesy? Without night, what would day mean?
Night time means dinner with my love, perhaps even with my friends. Sometimes it involves having a beer or two, maybe a bike ride over to the pub. It means work is done for the day (most of the time). I get to cook and read, watch a movie or maybe tidy up the house. I get to cuddle with my cat and do some yoga. I get to lay down in a bed with my love and rest.
There are endless stars twinkling and moonlight--and the night brings new smells as the air cools. At night where I live, you can drive out of the valley and into the hills and catch glimpses of the city below, lit up like a switchboard or lights on a Christmas tree.
In the winter night time means hot cider or black tea and honey, soup or stew or pot pie, ice skating downtown. In the summer it's front porches and citronella candles, iced tea or lemony summer ales, bike rides and long walks.
Night is like a salve that heals the harsh burn of the day.
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1 Response Oct 26, 2011

Wow, excellent story. You really explain the night well. I too love the night, mostly because its the most quiet time of each day. I love quiet and stillness. Its unreplaceable.