Night Is My Time

my mind becomes so much clearer at night. i could literally stay up until sunrise, staring at the beautiful dark sky, its moon, and all its shining stars. at night it's like a lovely veil of darkness comes along and blocks out all the worries of the day. night is my time to chill and think and dream. summer nights are the best. the night holds secrets and gives answers. there aren't enough words to do it justice. the experience speaks for itself.

runnagirrl runnagirrl
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 2, 2008

nite time to early morn definitely has its peacefulnes :) .. .. and cricking crickets just makit so much more real .. the feel of the chill of pre dew coming into existence . the rising of the sun like its turning over n then yawning a morning waking up hullo stretch :) .. the lite trickle of bird chirps in random locations building up into songs or little coffee session conversations :) heheheheh :)