Hidden Truth.

Sometimes I can't sleep. During those times I like to look at the night sky. I can barely see a few isolated stars, but I know they are more of them, out there just beyond sight. Winter months are the most relaxing time to be out. Breathing in the crisp, frosty air that hurts your throat a little and thinking about things that happened during the day. Reminiscing about the choices I made today, musing about what tomorrow will be like. I do it all in front of the barren night sky.

Winter is also the best time to gaze at the stars. I'm the narrator and they are the audience, winking at me when I say something funny, leaving when I bore them, and sometimes they even allow me to make a wish when I tell them something depressing.
I wish I could stop my time and lay on the crescent moon. Drifting in a sky that seems unchanging, waiting for dawn to defrost the congeal future.

I..can't seem to sleep much anymore.
CloakedStranger CloakedStranger
26-30, M
1 Response Sep 6, 2012

Ms.Lady the stars are beautiful. Yet u can never really see them in the city. In the country? There're a complete blanket of stars. The street lights of the city kills its shimmer.