Give Me The Night

Peace, quiet, tranquility, repose and calmness of thought. These are the wonderful gifts the night time gives me.

I work in a demanding job. Some people in my daytime environment are toxic people. I keep myself to myself to avoid their negative energy. At night time I escape. I am alone, I am me. I feel free. At night, I feel closer to my emotions, to my centre. No mask required. Not having to act how others want me to. Despite all the problems and worries I might have, mysteriously, they seem easier to cope with at dusk.

I've been a creature of the night since my teens. The mental chatter quieted down at night. Music touched my soul more once the evening closed down and the night opened up.  My thoughts are clearer, and not invaded by the demands of the daytime. Give me night over day anytime. My laughter, my tears, my thoughts and my emotions all serve me better at night.
loveland loveland
41-45, M
Dec 15, 2012