I Love This Night

I'm the kind of person who loves to thrive and enrich my life with my vivid imagination and love for fantasy. and the time when my imagination is most fluent and free is at night,when I feel most peaceful and not overwhelmed or overstimulated by the presence of other people. There is nothing(except for trainning kung-fu) that I love more than is to take a long night walk in the park to my favourite spot to think,listen to music or just talk out loud or to pretend im one of my favourite characters from a movie or book. What I most love about the night is the moon! I remember walking my dog in the dark when I noticed the moon's light illuminating everything like a huge lamp. I looked up and literally felt like something slipt into me,into my soul like the moons light slipt in sothing my soul. I realize how that sounds strange but that how it felt. and I just stared at it then noticed to distinked set of clouds that looked lige a huge car drove across the sky and as i looked at the sky it felt like a 3d image popping out at me it was truly amazing!

I find such peace within myself at night its very amzing. I feel like a completely different person,I walk with more confidence,I feel confident my mind is clearer and my thoughts move so freely. its so lovely. stis will be a story in progress I will add more when the ispiration comes.

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I do believe I have been told twice but thirds a charm =)

I walk my dog at night. Nothing more beautigful than walking her in the rain at night. I live on the highest point the the Pittsburgh area, Churchill, at one time a Church stood here that all could see. I can see all the lights of the city, and far, outwards North, east, west., rivers. valleys, curves in the rivers, we have three,And just now as I write, I hear the gunshots out my door, from, far?But not here. I never have fear when I walk now, especially when I look up in the sky, with the sky so dark and clear, and the rain hitting my cheeks, for I lookup, and see, that star, not so far away anymore, and she's twinkling at me, saying, not now, not , now, and I smile and say, see you soon, and rain is soft, but is that warm rain nothing but my tears, tickling my cheeks, but, Hoova does not like the rain, she knows,, how do they know?So, we head on back, and we go home.

I find that the night brings about new feelings and emotions than in the day. Because i like to draw and play music i find it's more creative doing it at night for some reason. The darkness sets the mood and the moon and the stars are amazing. The night is full of mysteries. It's like a transitional phase not only of the sun and moon but of the mind too. it can really set the mood. I also started reading the stars a couple years back and ive learned to identify a few constellations. It's quite fun if you haven't tried; they're filled with stories :)

Oh no, I started an I love to cycle at night group, does that make me The Nightrider !?! *lol*<br />
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I enjoyed the story enormously too, I'd love to read another along these lines. (I'd prefer it to an edit)

thank-you!<br />
lol nightwalker,I like that =)

hey nightwalker !!! that was quite good... :-)