Last Night

I needed something from the car so I threw on my Nike T-shirt, black, oh-so-tight cut off sweats and slid my cinnamon painted toes into a pair of Florida Flip Flops. It had just finished storming and the air smelled freshly washed. As I returned up the sidewalk I just couldn’t resist the empty park bench calling my name. Still damp from the rain, I sat right down sideways with my feet pulled up hugging my knees. As my head lay down I just stared in amazement at the beauty. The huge oak above drizzled droplets around as the fountain in the pond splashed and stirred the water. The sky still filled with big, fluffy gray and white clouds slowly floating by allowing the stars to peek through periodically as if to say hi. I can see the rings of water, so small, barely moving, as the fish poke their heads out to grab a nibble at whatever bugs are fluttering above. The few lights from the nearby buildings reflect off of the water illuminating the area with a soft glow. This is my peaceful place… to think, reflect, relax.
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2 Responses Oct 3, 2007

I liked this. Made me wish I had somewhere like that to go

that's are an excellent writer- very descriptive.