The Most Beautifulest Story!

I love The Notebook. Its with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Omg. This movie makes me laugh, cry and about every emotion. I love the pure love in here. Whether or not they fight or break up , they still love eachother and dont give up. I think its a good lesson for any couple. But really Noah and Ally are the best couple ever, they realy teach me that love has its imperfections but that doesnt mean you can givve up. The scene i was really cryign for is when Ally meets Noah again years later and shes engaged. They argue and shes like its too late! And noah said its not over yet! And they made love with eachother and i was just bawling my eyes out on the couch. Yes im a girly girl. But honestly, its the best chick flick
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Jan 10, 2013