"Blue seas cover seven tenths of this earth's surface,and are the domain of the largest brain ever created...." ~from the introduction of Whale Nation-by Heathcote Williams. A wonderous book (if you can find a copy!) but beware of the facts contained therein...we of a compassionate,environmentalist type of spirit may be moved to tears at our species mistreatment and exploitation of theese ancient mighty leviathans.
we humans have much to be ashamed of in this arena,if you ask me-or any scientist,schoolkid or beachcomber who pays attention.
 Cetation minds are much more highly advanced then we might have supposed in recent history,when entire industries were quickly founded upon all we could plunder from the depths...will we choose to close this shameful chapter before our biosphere is plunged irrevoccably into doom? perhaps.

Do I love krill and seaweeds and sand dollars and salmonids and sea lions and cuttlefish and flounder and moray eels and poisonous urchins and mermaid lore and delphonic smiles and jellyfish tartare an' musckles an' barnacles and Daveeey Jones' Lockers? you betcha.

Will I do my best to stop poisoning and consuming them before the balance is tipped even more frighteningly? we'll see.

"duck for the oyster-duckduckduck...dig for the clam,digdigdig...knock a hole in the ol' tin can" which sounds better than it types,mateys-but I'm always game for a few off-kiler sea chanteys,aye-lest we forgets our proud maritime heritage and those who have perished to protect it~them's that dies are they lucky ones.

Viva Oceania,Gaia and all living waters which make our unique planet such an awe-inspiring place to dwell. aye. (!)
~kerplunk~another drop in the bucket...and thars the dinnerbell.
'bout time.
dubkebab dubkebab
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2 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Thank you for sharing this post,to remind us how precious our oceans are and all the life in them.

This makes me want to go down to the beach. ^^ I love the water, but I really like the ocean... so many fascinating creatures contained within! And yet, we treat it all so glibly... we don't appreciate what we have. Maybe there are just too many of us now. We are an invasive species, after all, technically. That's gotta take it's toll.