If Only I Could Live In It

I've always lived by the ocean, in a city with many hills sorrounding a harbor that opens to the wide Pacific.  And I love it. Nothing makes me feel better that to be near the ocean, and nothing manages to calm me more than the cold wind of the ocean.  My best and most cheerful days are those dominated by dark clouds, a convulsed ocean and the freezing and heavy wind. In the summer, nothing is more refreshing than going to the beach and swimming in the cold Pacific.  I suffer everytime I have to be far way from the ocean...and I mean it....dryier  inland weathers make me sick and fill me with sinus infections an such. I never get seriously sick when I spent a great deal of time close to the ocean...
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1 Response Jun 5, 2010

I am soooooo jealous! I was raised in the middle of Germany (only a river) and now live in the middle of the United States (only a river). Did I mention that I am jealous?