I Love The Ocean, But It Harbors My Phobia.

I love the ocean. I love the ocean breeze. I love standing on high cliffs dropping off into the ocean, and want to just jump in. I love swimming in the ocean, and walking along it's path, tackling waves as they hit the shore.

But my greatest phobia is underwater. I hate diving under the water, and I hate the thought of going deep underwater. Sensual deprivation is something that bothers me greatly in this world, darkness being the greatest. Underwater however, I lose a majority of my sight and hearing. I hate the thought of there being something greater than me underwater, something big that I couldn't do anything against. Seaweed bothers me the way it wraps around your body, knowing there could be something in there, and me not knowing a thing.

I can't even dive 5 feet into the water unless it's at a pool. Even with all my friends I can't do it. I'm pretty sure part of it is when I was 3 I almost drowned, and part of it is watching my dad play super mario 64 all the time when I was a kid, and I always got scared at how big the underwater level was.

It's weird how I love the surface of the ocean, but hate anything too deep. Kind of like how I hate delving to deep into my emotions, kind of weird how those two feelings kind of intertwine.
Goliath797 Goliath797
18-21, M
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Interesting. I liked reading.