And I Miss It.... :(

Pretty much every summer, since I was very small, I've spent a week on the southern coast of Maine. The water is cold, the waves are excellent, and the beaches are just gorgeous. My husband proposed to me there. My daughter learned how to boogie board at the age of three. It is a very special place in my heart.

I don't live in New England anymore, so the ocean is much farther away than it ever used to be. However, every summer, we made plans, paid way too much for a beach house, and made the long drive to spend our week at the beach with my family. We ate too much - lobster of course, drank too much, and just enjoyed the week as much as we possibly could.

This year is different. We couldn't go. Finances, job circumstances, daughter's sports, we just couldn't make it work.

And I'm sad.

My mom and dad just called, saying they missed us. I told them we missed them, but we're busy, everyone's good. Which is all true.

But not being able to hear the waves, smell the salt in the air, have the cottage full of sand from the beach; our summer just won't be the same.
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4 Responses Jul 19, 2010

*whack whack whack*...<br />
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*hands on hips*... thinking...

You made me snort again... *whacks Gee*...

*Sylph grabs Taken's hand and runs towards the ocean*... aaahhh... I so miss the smell of salt air... I don't know when I can again... *sad face*... we need to go together... boogie board and all that... and bikinis! Cold water or not!...<br />
<br />
*jumps in the waves with Taken*...

There is something about the seaside that is magical, especially if you're in earshot of the waves breaking, the salty air.. I've always lived within 30 mins of the beach and spent just about every holiday since childhood at a beach side town. Sand in the swimmers is something I don't miss... :)