The Golden Coast

Having to live in California, L.A is great because we have everything close by, but the thing i enjoy doing the most is going to the Beach! I love the ocean the sound of the waves the movement the waves make and the smell of the ocean. I enjoy playing in the sand and running in to the water when its summer! Usually when i get depressed i just drive down to malibu or oxnard and i just sit there watching the waves pass by and it makes me think about a lot of things, but it does make me happy. I enjoy going to the beach in the summer and when the winter comes i love to watch how rough the waves can get and when it rains i believe the ocean looks very beautiful.
cynthiaeliza cynthiaeliza
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

California beaches are really great. I just visited San Diego & Oceanside, it was awesome.

There's nothing like going to a secluded beach and watching the waves roll in and out when you have a lot on your mind. There's something very philosophical and calming about it.