4 days we camped on this beach ..Yes i have been camping . I love to swim in the Ocean ,feel the power of the waves as you enter the water .

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Camping on the beach is awesome!!

Naughty? Just because I don't want you to burn?

You are so naughty!

It's gotta be that RedHead Complexion. Would be glad to slather you in sunscreen.

I am a wimp burn easy,

I like the midwest. It's a LOT saner that the left coast. As far as the cold, I can handle it better than really hot weather. I'm kind of a polar bare.

Visit the key word . :) I love where i live just not the cold.

Yeah, Me too, but I don't miss the crowds, the pollution or the prices. Still and all, I have friends in CA that I would love to visit.

That is one thing i miss about living there .

So Do I. That's why I loved the place so much.

I love seafood!

On the other hand I used to know a great place to buy seafood on the Newport Back Bay. You could get it so fresh that you had to defend yourself from your dinner.

Me too... Years ago so it was not quite like it is now! P.s i don't camp anymore. EWWW

Wow, right in the center of things. I like my beaches a bit more remote.

New Port Bay! :)

Been there, Done that. I used to Love San Onofre beach in SoCal. <br />
<br />
I got to wear my favorite swimsuit..