Warm All Aglow...

I love the ocean. Something about the water and the breeze and the vastness of everything… the ocean, time, space, even ourselves. The sunset colors, their reflected hues, reflected and reflected, again and again. The calm entrance, warm all aglow, self-idling in the "beach vastness". The stars in the black sky, the waves brushing and smashing. The shells, the minnows, the sparkling sunlight, reflected and reflected, again and again. Mesmerizing away all the thoughts.

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Being in the navy and serving 3 years on aircraft carriers I`ve crossed the Atlantic and pacific several times and have sailed the 7 seas. I have seen the beauty of the oceans and the ugliness that Mother Nature can show us. The oceans are something to love but also respect and fear.

yeah just think of all those who got stranded in the middle of the oceans at night and not knowing what lies underneath the deep - that would suck - being stuck out in the oceans - no one is around - and you can only see the light of the moon on the surface of the waters

I am more a mountain person myself. Give me that good fresh air with plenty of snow. Maggie

Thanks Tate, it's actually an excerpt from a story called "Joni and the Ocean"....

I feel the same...for a large portion in my life, I have lived along waters ... I mean within reasonable, few minutes to maybe half-hour driving distance. To me, the sounds of the ocean sucks all the negatives out of my body ... like stress or worries. I feel happy and wonderful to be alive.

I find the ocean makes me feel like I am in a daydream (especially with a margaurita or two) and very in touch with my inner self. Very existential.

I love those millions of little reflected sparkles on the watertop at sundown when the shadows are so long in the day... mezmerizing - a good choice in words.. often very hypnotic<br />
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The comparison between the peacefulness and unforgiving harshness of nature is right on spot. Both strange and ironic in a wonderful way.

When the ocean is rough and windy, it actually feels quiet, almost like having ear muffs on. And when the ocean is calm and quiet, the sounds somehow become immense in their infinite delicacy.<br />
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Kind of strange...

The thing about the ocean is that any one element can be mesmerizing, but there are so many elements, the water, the breeze, the warmth, the reflections, and it can be both peaceful and unmerciful.<br />
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And the mountains have the same sorts of elements, except the depths of the sea are replaced with the valleys and peaks, and the abyss of the dark water is replaced with the vertigo of the abyss.

Love the sound of waves lapping on a sand beach. One of the most beautiful sounds in nature, right up there with wind blowing thru the trees and rain falling gently on the roof of a house...<br />
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Very pretty. I love being at the beach, and its sad that they surround me, yet I'm hardly ever there... collecting dozens of pretty stones and picking up the odd shaped driftwood as I walk along...