I Miss The Ocean

I lived next to the ocean for 7 years and didn't realize how much of a factor it was in my staying sane, until i moved away. I'm now living about 450km. from the nearest ocean and although its been a year, I feel really closed in ... especially when I'm stressed or going through a difficult phase. For me the ocean has always been a way out, the open end of the box. We used to joke with a friend of mine that if it hit the fan we'd just swim back home... all 5000kms!
I'm glad i didn't take it for granted; at least for the last two years i was there. I miss the smell of the ocean most of all, then the sound of the waves, the feel of warm wet sand in between my toes. I especially enjoyed the grey days when no one else wanted to be there, because i had the entire beach to myself. An hour walking on the beach put things into perspective... or at least gave me the strength to deal with what was going on, because I'd know deep inside that there's places that beautiful and peaceful no matter what other crap was going on in life.
desertscorpio desertscorpio
31-35, M
Dec 4, 2012