The Monsoons

Monsoons are are like a huge monstrous super thunder storm only it does not stop raining for months and the winds constantly blow never stopping. I worked on the flight deck of an air craft carrier and we flew missions 12 hours a day and the other 12 we prepared for the next days missions. One night I was up forward on my way back to flight deck control when the rain really picked so I ran under the wing of a plane then I realized the rain was blowing sideways so I just said the hell with it and went on my way. You might be wondering why is he writing about rain and wind well this is about the ocean when Mother Nature is at her worst and the ocean is at its meanest.
Today I can look back at Mother Natures tantrums and smile cause I survived the monsoons, typhoons and hurricanes that I sailed through. I have memories of dangerous, deadly and yet exciting times sailing the oceans of the world. I came close to buying the farm 3 times and they still haunt me today but I am still kicking and able to look back on a good day remembering the bad days that at the time were exciting cause I was invincable. Today I would be willing to fight again for my country but I would respect Mother Nature a whole lot more.
Pmacphoto Pmacphoto
70+, M
Dec 11, 2012