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Its So Beautiful

I love visiting beaches and seeing the ocean. I used to live nearby the ocean but not anymore. I miss it. I used to love to feel the salt air on my face as I walked down the beach. The beaches I did live near were cold though so it was rare to get in the water. However, they were really nice for taking walks on and the sound of the waves was really soothing. I still visit now and then. Hopefully I will visit the beach again soon. I just love the coast!
pinkdragonflyxo pinkdragonflyxo 36-40, F 1 Response Jan 21, 2013

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I love oceans! I like how you described the ocean. I spent some time once at one (I'm in MN) and love the energy I can feel coming from it!

it really is wonderful to be there. I love how it looks, love how it feels.