Oh! So Wonderful

I love the ocean so much. If I coud grow gills, and be able to live in the ocean, I would probably seriously never leave. My first experience with the ocean was in Florida. My favorite beach in Florida would have to be Clearwater. The name is accurate and it is absolutely beautiful. I saw Datona several times, and it was fun the first time I went, but the last time I even went to Datona, beach, it was just completely trashed. It was sad to me to see a beac so trashed, but I still enjoyed the ocean from Datona. It was different because the ocean was really dark in that part. I enjoyed the ocean surrounding Florida overall though because the water was warm, and Iike the ocean view. I also liked jumping on some of the smaller waves.

My second experience with the ocean was the gulf of mexico in Texas. That water is also incredibly warm and surprisingly serene. I've been there several times as well and I like the envirnoment in the gulf as well. There are really no waves in that part.

My third and fourth experieces (so far) with the ocean were in California. First at Santa Monica. The water was a little bit cooler than it was in Florida, but still amazing! It wasn't perfectly clear, but it was alot lighter than the water at Datona Beach. I actually even slept on the beach one night when I was there. It was really peaceful and relaxing-aside from the beach patrol that drove by every hour, but no one bothered me. I also really enjoyed the pier at Santa Monica.

The fourth time I've been to the ocean, was more north in California, just outside of Arcata at this beach called Clam beach. I stayed at that beach for about a week. The waves are much rougher than I've seen anywhere else,and the water is pretty cold. That didn't stop my dog and I from going in the water every day, but that area i definitely not for everyone. Clam beach was cool because there was a significan difference between "high tide" and "low tide." The water came really far up on the land during high tide. Also there was all kinds of clam shells washed ashore, hence the name. I liked Clam beach though because it showed the rawness of the ocean. It's amazing to see the uncontroled power and awesomeness of the ocean.
I can't wait to see the ocean on the other side of the world. :-)
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The next time you are in Florida go to either Playlinda (north of Cape Canaveral) or South New Smyrna--go early--parkings' a problem. But these are pristine and if all is well you can forget the swimsuit.