But It Scares Me, I Was Watchi...

But it scares me, I was watching Happy Feet the other day and the ocean scenes freaked me out.
Flairity Flairity
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3 Responses Jan 3, 2007

Yeah of course it can be dangerous, and you definately have to respect the temperament of the sea. I have grown up with it, so I guess I just take it for granted, but its just so good for the soul. Dont be afraid of the ocean though - if you are wary, and swim where its patrolled, you should be ok. x

The power, beauty and potential for danger is a large part of the draw the ocean has on so many!

The coming out of "JAWS" has caused alot of similar mind-panics! What few times I've dipped my feet in the ocean, I looked out to see imagined fins zooming toward me! Crazy!