Put In Place

I used to go to the ocean all the time. I have the luxury of living less than 20 minutes from the California shore. I don't go nearly enough these days, but each time I am there I cannot help but be taken back and put in my place. The ocean goes on for further than we can see, and it makes me think about the big picture...how many people are out there places beyond my view, how we all connect, what they are doing and thinking and feeling. It also makes me realize how small I am compared to God. Often in life it is easy to start thinking that we are in control of things or that we make things happen, but we have no control over this ocean, over this huge earth that is so much bigger than us. And it's beauty and majesty always sends me to a state of mind that I wish I walked in more, where I realize what really matters. I recall all the things that I stress about daily, things I over think, and I toss them into the tide. They aren't important in the big picture, and I know I can overcome life's obstacles. Nothing is impossible.
MimiCatastrophe MimiCatastrophe
22-25, F
Jul 16, 2007