Nature Is Beautiful

The ocean is so calming and relaxing for me. I think because I was born and raised most of my life by the ocean. Has anyone walked the shore of the ocean collecting crazed glass? I have my best memories of my grammas walking collecting crazed glass. I love reading a book and sun tanning by the water. There is something about the waves crashing on the shore and the sounds of sea birds that is hypnotizing.
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3 Responses Jul 23, 2007

never lived next to the ocean, but the way you describe it is just about how i imagine it

Hey thank you, I do dream of owning my own house facing the ocean. maybe after i finish school and make some money i will buy a house in victoria, bc

beautifully stated! <br />
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i just arrived home from 2 weeks of the beach. never lived there, but we all can dream right?