I used to live a minutes walk away from the ocean, during my hardest times, if I had nothing, I had the ocean

I love the ocean
The way the waves crash against the rocks and seem to roar louder than any problem at the moment
The solace I sought was often met here
At night when, when the day has just been too hard, I can sit on the ledge and let the waves speak and tickle my skin
At my saddest times, i would think to cloud my mind and go to the ocean and watch the stars jump across it like skipping rocks and avoid the neon rope sweeping across it from the light house
I would wonder if there was anyone lost out there like me, seeing the beacon drawing them in to home
When I ventured during the day, it was raining, just me and my bench, relaxing and letting it pour into my body
Something beautiful about your body being enveloped in the incandescent drops from above, almost like a hug from God, and the waves his words, whispering "Its going to be all right"..

dannygirl89 dannygirl89
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 17, 2014

So true! All of that is exactly how the ocean makes me feel.

I love going on the beach alone at night. There's nothing else quite like that feeling.

Thanks for reminding me.

Yes I totally get how you feel about the ocean.
I always say it's God's antibiotic for the mind, body and soul.
I feel it is something God created and no man no matter how clever he may think he is, just can't make another sea as only God can do that. Brings me comfort and we often find little treasures like a shell or star fish and I call them my gifts from God. :)

Couldn't agree more. I love to lie in the sand where the waves caress my legs. Be a part if the transition from sea to dry land. Closest to heaven you can get on Earth.

I love it at twilight just before sunset and all the color is reflected from the sky into the ocean and then there is a hue all around. Would probably love the sunrise over the ocean but not seen many of those.