What's Not to Love!?!

What's not to love....

I love the salt air, how it smells, feels, and how it tastes on my lips.  It is refreshing and cleansing.

I also love the sounds of the ocean!  The sounds of the sea gulls, seals barking, waves crashing, the burble sounds of the ocean between rocks and in tide pools.  In my ears it is an orchestra with every sound in perfect pitch, tune, and time.

The ocean is also a place of therapy. 

I remember living in Vancouver, BC and going to English Bay in an over sized sweater or sweat shirt, and leggings, with Starbucks in hand.  I would take off my shoes and bury my feet in the sand up to the ankles, and sit on one of the logs there watching the sun set, the barges light up, and the gulls in early evening flight.

Some visits when I had issues I was wrestling with, I would gather shell fragments and figuratively attach the things bothering or upsetting me to them and toss them in the ocean.  Then I would imagine that the issues would float with the tides to China where they could not return to haunt me or upset me again.  Other visits I would just toss my thoughts into the surf and again imagine they would wash up on Chinese shores.

I also loved walking the sea wall in Stanley Park.  I remember one February night there was a group of us walking the wall and the winds were so strong it matted my hair worse than a rats nest...but the wind was invigorating, and intoxicating...I loved every second of having my hair whip my face!

One thing that I have not yet been able to witness first hand, but would love to, is watching storms roll in off the ocean...The power of it and the expanse must be truly awe inspiring!!!

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Naming the vessel after a woman is alright but having one aboard is considered bad luck for the voyage according to old legends and superstitions of the sea

^^^LMAO @ dogggers!

LMAO @ dogggers!<br />
<br />
Then there is the old sea legends that a female on board means certain disaster awaits the crew and vessel

I love the beach too. I feel so fresh and revived.

I've often wished for a trip on a trawler but my swimming skills are not advanced enough if we were to hit rough waters. I think it would be an amazing experience and one where you get to see the "real deal" not the tourist routes.

very nice story i love the ocean as well!