A Chance For Freedom



If I had just one chance to be anything,

I would choose to be who I am;

right here right now.


My life has problems, it has been a broken road that led me here.

But I made it here, nonetheless, and I am alive and stronger for it.

If I could choose, I would choose to stand here at the edge of the sea. To look across the ocean and believe that it holds endless beauty only waiting to be discovered. To know that its shores touch distant lands for now unseen.






The ocean is symbolic of life. I love thinking about it, and being near it. The depths that our souls can know are deeper then the canyons of the sea, and the crashing ocean waves cannot compare to the storms of life, but the ocean has a way of bringing to our minds the hidden meanings of life...


The power of eternity is seen in the endless horizon. It is a glimpse into the unending beauty of life.

As the ocean changes, so do we. We live, we survive. We change as life gives way to new challenges.

The ocean wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the creatures that live beneath its depths.


If they never discovered who they were meant to be; if they never trusted the ocean enough to live in its freedom the sea would only be dead waters.


We have the freedom to discover who we were meant to be. We have the freedom to deny it.

Trust in God is the only way for us to find true happiness. All other roads lead nowhere.

God’s plans though, leave room for our freedom.






We have the freedom to stay in the shallows for a time and enjoy the thoughts and mysteries of our tidal world.

We have the freedom to dive into the blue and gray unknown, and experience short lived sensations.


Or we can choose to live on the edge of the water, and feel eternity within ourselves.



Life is like the ocean.


There is shallowness, there is depth.

There is so much in between.



We have the freedom to discover it all.



stormynightsky stormynightsky
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3 Responses May 17, 2009

um, stormynightsky, this was pure poetry, thank you for this post, your so awesome seriously

Many of your stories sound like poems. Parts of this one do as well. <br />
<br />
its beautiful. it really is. shows freedom and power to live.

Many of your stories have this overriding sense of searching for and experiencing freedom. It makes me very happy reading it!!!!!!!!!!!! Inspires me to keep going and to live more n more without my vices and to master them whenever they pop up! And some day I will go to the place you describe....