Dwight Schrute Kills Me...

The dude lives at and runs a beet farm...the classic jelly stapler goes down in history for me as one of the most hysterical pranks Jim pulled on Dwight.  Rock On Jim.

golddustwoman golddustwoman
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5 Responses Sep 9, 2008

Oh GoldAura, that's truly a classic office prank...ye olde stringing of the paperclips.. :)

I'll add that to my list of pranks. One that was pulled on me is to take ALL my paper clips and string them together into one long chain.

No, I heard it's good though Wander, but I love Steve Carrell

You're probably right Ynahteb..is that bethany spelled backwards? Maybe I'm thinking about your ep name too much :) Thanks for sharing!

haha that one is funny! but wait wouldnt the stapler sink to the bottom, and then be poking out. opps, I thought about the prank too much.