Tom and Jerry!

Hey, the new cartoons are funny. But nothing beats the nonsense of Tom and Jerry! I often stop and watch this cartoon, with my sister, in the mornings. It's so weird... it was the time before violence was censored from cartoons! So, often characters whipped out guns and pointed it at each other! lol.

I never realized this stuff, when I was growing up. Of course, when a cat is backing the poor bird and mouse into a corner, the next step is to pull out a gun and defend oneself! It was normal and comical, when I was growing up... and no, my sister and I didn't grow up and buy a gun, go to school and start shooting! Not anyone from my generation did that, though Tom and Jerry was very violent! Strange, isn't it? :-o

Anyhoo, we often laugh in the mornings, as these animals run into walls, crash through windows, get shot multiple times in the stomach and then drink water.... which the water spills out, like a sprinkler system. Hit each other over the head with mallets, hammers, pipes, pots and pans! Whoo-hoo! LOL! XD

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Mar 11, 2009