Red Hot Riding Hood

My favorite all time oldie cartoon is 'Red Hot Riding Hood' by Tex Avery. It is funny because the beginning starts out as another run of the mill Little Red Riding hood story but then, the characters protest and say they want to do something new and different, so the narrator sighs and is like, alright. So he starts over and now Red Riding Hood is a smoking hot nightclub singer and she sings a song called 'Daddy' that is very provocative.  It is so funny how they show how lustful the wolf is. Then they go to Grandma's house and the tables are turned because Grandma chases the wolf all over the place trying to get a kiss.

You may be able to find it on youtube if your interested

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Tex Avery made some great cartoons and so did Chuck Jones! Good stuff

That I don't recall housemouse, but I do know that this is the same wolf as was in the original Droopy cartoons by Tex Avery.

Oh geez! I remember that one...I think :p <br />
Didn't he do one with the "country wolf, city wolf" theme as well?