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I used to love to watch Dean Martin. The dancers, Gold Diggers, were what I thought were as close to perfect as it gets being a girl. (yeah, kinda conflicted with my suffragist, women's lib roots).

One of my favorites was the song "Baby, It's cold outside"

I still pull out my vinyl when I go visit my mom. I keep saying I'm going to bring it down here...but so far I haven't found 'just the right place' for it. So for now it's just another treat when I get home.


The biggest reason all my records are still at my mom' The stereo system takes up a lot of it, and my old suitcase turntable is a lot of fun and has a funky sound but.. that's not what I prefer.

(I've even got 45's. and a few 78's.)

Tzech Tzech 46-50, F Sep 27, 2008

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