Family Television, Anyone?

Needed something to put a smile on my face this evening, so I turned on Pax.  This station never fails to bring me back to my childhood when TV was actually good. 

I was raised in Germany, with AFN being the only American station.  I remember sneaking  in the hallway to watch Police Woman, Beretta, Starksy and Hutch, Hawaii Five-0 and the beautiful Charlie's Angels.  I was never officially allowed to watch these (too much violence)  I was allowed to watch and loved Donnie and Marie and the Carol Burnett show.

We came to the United States when I was in 6th grade for 18mos....and imagine my joy having multiple stations, seeing commercials and the never-heard-of-rerun.  I don't even know where to start....I met Lucy Ricardo, Gilligan, the Brady's,Perry Mason.  I met my new buddies from The Love Boat. Fantasy Island, The A-team, the Dukes of Hazard, Knight Rider and my best buddy Speed Racer.

I just have one question, what happened?

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Having a married couple sleep in seperate single beds was just too much NON reality for me


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