When I was a litle girl, my mom always liked to go for drives. My little legs hated this. I wanted to run, to be unrestricted, out of the little box the backseat made for me. As I got older, I read in the car, passing these trips with Dickens, Austen, Tolkein...whoever. First a Walkman and then a Discman began a beautiful friendship with the road. I could listen to my music and no one heard but me, and I'd look out the window. Going somewhere. I was always going somewhere, better, different.

Different, yes.

I think somewhere along the way, I began to get my mama's itch for the road. We moved more times than I remember growing up. I moved in with my daddy when she died, and he'd lived in the same place my whole life. I was driving by then, and going to school half an hour of open road away. I'd crank up the tunes and head out. It became a place of freedom for me. Just me and the road. Rules. Keep the car here, don't run into people, and on this twenty mile stretch of open four-lane highway, turn your music up as loud as you want.

College. Even further away. 2 hours of the road. Friends who lived far flung, and we'd travel on the weekends. Just get in the car and drive as far as we could, as long as we could. Turn around and come back.

Mix tapes.

No sleep.

Conversations that lasted forever.

Whenever I needed to think, I would go for a drive. I was going somewhere. It didn't matter if it was where I needed to be, but it was different. Change m perspective and think. Let the music soothe my mind away from the problem.

Now, I'm a grownup. Kids in school, not too many chances for a "real" road trip. But I love the road. Love driving nowhere. Love to turn my music up and put the drudgery and the drama behind me, just for a little while.

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*maniacal giggles*

Not scared. Okay, maybe a little.

Plotting the next stage in our corruption is more likely. <br />
<br />
*stamps foot*<br />
<br />
I told everyone not to leave. >:-/

Shhhhhh. They'll hear you.

*singing* All byyyyy myseeeeeellf. I'll be innocent...all byyyyyyyyy myyyyyyyseelf.

Hah! Death bed salvation doesn't count.

dest - I think we all have a secret happy place.... some peoples are just a little more debauchery riddled than others.... you can play the innocent card as much as you want, but we know the real story there....

Close HS. Very close. Finally we got Des to come over to the dark side! MUAHAHAHAHA

*raises eyebrows*

so was the four ". . . . " the secret knock to enter the mancave????<br />
<br />
*sigh* really???? rarely giggle breaks???

Yes you know it. :-)

Scooby - I think I know that one too. :-)<br />
<br />
HS - I never stop giggling. Not mostly anyway. <br />
<br />
and.<br />
<br />
*GlowySecretSmiles* Trust me. It's a good place.

OK... The Irony has been clearly pointed out... You can stop all of the giggling now.....<br />
<br />
Oh I see... it's a SECRET happy place....

No, not speechless. That was the entrance to one of my happy places.

Speechless Scooby? <br />
<br />
The Sailor is talking to Destry about shame? *giggles* *composes herself* *giggles*<br />
<br />
And if I start just blurting out directions, I would get visitors, and it might not be so happy anymore.

What The?????? dest....???? IN PUBLIC ??? Have you no shame about stealing my raspberry face??? Yea sister... you don't even WANNA know what I think about those straws!<br />
<br />
glowy - can I have a hint???? It'll be like story comment charades!!!


No's rubbing off on you too. We've already lost Scoobs. D:<br />
<br />
My happy place is a secret...I'll never tell.

I think I'll leave it to dest to explain what she does with the straws....<br />
*patiently waits*<br />
<br />
so glowy... where is this "happy place".... ????

I don't think my innocent eyes need to read about how you're using straws in your debauchery pursuits.<br />
<br />
*Glowy goes to her happy place*


In case of what, exactly? 0-o

Did you forget about the hanging swag lamps??? The orange fur ceiling carpet???<br />
That glove box comes in mighty handy mind you!

I was merely pointing out that a minivan is roomier. And has a less questionable glove box.

HAY NOW!<br />
<br />
Anytime you don't feel like riding in the handbasket, you let me know....

Of course...I guess if you *have* stow and go....

Hahaha. Of course you'd think of the alcohol stowage, HS. *rolls eyes * <br />
<br />
I think Des and I were thinking that we could fit quite a few more in our vehicles, unlike that handbasket.

I knew I liked you for some reason!<br />

Well dest... sexy they may not be... but the practicality of transporting receptacles designed for maintaining beverages at a refreshing temperature is an overwhelming attribute!<br />

I love road trips too. Doesn't even matter which direction. Just away from the big cities.

I think I could deal with a minivan for a road trip ride....<br />

Hahaha, Lilt! Captive audiences ROCK.<br />
<br />
Des - YES!!! *glowy is glad she's not the only one in a minivan.*

Do you know what else is good to do in the car? As your kids get older, this is the perfect place to lecture them ! They're held captive in your car, can't storm off and slam their bedroom door.<br />

All the more reason for the EPeeps to meet up, Scooby. :-) <br />
<br />
And I think that conversation is for a whole other thread. (Unless you think it might be the eyepatch. It's too much, isn't it?)

*wonders how we all ended up with partners who'd want us in different cars*

Intensity strikes again! Bwhahahaha. It's sad when they want us that far away. But I guess if I had to travel with me, I'd get a little weirded out too.

lol! I'll make sure to bring some food to make sure you don't get too hungry and nibble. Glow, it gets me that when we travel I'm like so close...I kept poking him and saying that so much that I think he gets relief when we have to travel in different cars, lol!

*jumps up and down excitedly* <br />
<br />
Yesyesyesyes!!! A glowing friend would like to meet some sushi! And I wouldn't even bite! <br />
<br />
I completely do the one earbud thing. Mine are too big now to be quiet...and they argue and fight, and are exactly like siblings are supposed to be. Sheesh. I love the longer trips, because they let you do everything. Music, movies, quiet, talking...That's the kind of trip I want.

I felt this way with the kids at first. But I got the whole baby pit stops down now, lol! We, however, do travel a lot. But we haven't gone out of state. And that's what I really want. A really nice long out of state trip. Stopping to pick some strawberries, have picnics instead of eating fast food in the car. For now, I have my mp3 pla<x>yer with one earbud in while the other ear is listening to them mostly sleep for the duration of the car ride. I used to do the movies and music thing but sometimes the quiet is nice. Watching the world go past. Playing road games, talking about the cows, large dinosaur sculptures and other strange things, or what the trees look like or clouds...what shapes they are. Sometimes we just open the windows, feel the wind...It's good we all like a good ride just to get out of the house. Nice and carefree. I keep hinting that we need to go a little like visit a glowing friend. ; )

*giggles at scooby* I'm sure she'll make an appearance again soon.<br />
<br />
Thanks LV. I don't get how a drive can clear the head, but it really does....

I love the road as well,<br />
<br />
I too would go for a ride when I need to clear my mind<br />
<br />
Such a great story

You should change back into naked Glow. *Walks away wondering if I wrote that or just thought it*

It's the perky cheerful av, isn't it? I should change back into a pirate.

You are the least likely voice of doom that I know.

You know me. The voice of doom here at the experience project...

That question "is it too late for you?" Is kind of chilling. In the grand scheme of things, yes it probably is. :-/

I get you. I think my mommymobile would be very nice indeed with shag carpeting. And Global Warming needs to do its job for sure. It is EFFING COLD down here. <br />
<br />
So can we still go on the road trip, or is it too late for you?

WEll the carpeting was for converting the mommymoblie and the global warming was a commentary on the foot of global warming soon to be in my driveway that I want to leave here in said mommymobile. It all worked somehow before.

Phooey! I so wanted the best comment ever to be in one of my stories!! >:-/<br />
<br />
So what do you get when you roll global warming up in shag carpeting? Does it make a new sun?

It was the best comment ever. Shag carpeting and global warming all rolled up into one big ball and then EP decides not to publish the whole. thing. It's been one of those evenings.

HS - I was thinking warm, not hot ;-)<br />
<br />
Lauren - I hope you get that very soon, my friend!!<br />
<br />
Scooby - er...?

Where is my comment? EFFING EP


glowy- The glovebox of the hand basket is a magical place where you will find everything you would desire on a road trip.... with of course... the exception of gloves.... <br />
We were going someplace warm weren't we???

szuchia - those are fun times for sure. :) Young love and the road are some of my happiest memories.<br />
<br />
And of couse, the Sailor's glovebox is <i>always</i> well stocked, right?

Ahh... The open road... No destination in schedule.... just the wind and a ribbon of highway on front of you.... good stuff....<br />

I think I missed those road trips while I was still studying in Virginia and my boyfriend (my husband now) was studying in Georgia. Once in a while, I drove 7 hours from Blacksburg to Atlanta to visit him, and then drove 7 hours back when the vacation was end. While driving, I listening to music loud enough to keep me awake, though even with those music, I sometimes had a feeling that I was in a quiet peaceful little world. Sometimes, my husband and I drove together back to ATL or BB, we just talked or listened to music inside the small car. Those drivings were one part of our sweet romantic memories.... :) <br />
<br />
@Scoobs: still quite cold there? Even in ATL, I felt really cold this morning when going out of my apartment without wearing my warm coat >_

Heck yeah, lets go somewhere warm!! <br />
<br />
In my house, it seems like spring is the time for road trips, much like my own private version of the Canterbury Tales. Needing to get out of the stuffy house. I can't wait! I am sure i'll get to go on at least a short one soon.<br />
<br />
Ana - I wanna go on a trip like that one!!<br />
<br />
Myo - Absolutely. I think it's awesome that you're so comfortable with your body. Can I get you a towel for the seat?<br />
<br />
Geetar - The Cars!! Of course!! And no. No convertible for me. Sadly, I drive a mommy car these days. But I can picture myself in a more roadtrip worthy vehicle...


I'm dressed and ready to head for a sunny place. May I come along? <br />
My mom and I would take road trips when I would visit her in Montana. We never got testy on those trips like we did when we were just hanging around her house. They are some of my best memories. Road trips are one of the best escapes sometimes. I don't always find it easy to turn around, though. I hope you get an escape soon, Glow.

Road trips are the BEST! A toast to you Glow...may you have a road trip very soon! :)

Oh, I know what you're talking about. I don't have a license yet unfortunately but whenever my mom has to go out I come just for the drive. I love everything about driving. The sound of the vehicle, the spinning tires on the pavement. Gazing out the window at all the different scenery passing by. The sun following me where ever you go. I don't why it brings me such happiness. Almost like I'm free from my usual isolation and can explore the world. Like, driving even a short destination away gives me the feeling as though I'm going somewhere in life even though nothing's changed except the view.

I am so ready for a road trip. Can we go somewhere warm?