I Used To Live There.

Its kinda depressing. I have been living on the coast (Newport area) for the last year and a half or so. recently I had a relationship end and  have had to leave one of my favorite places to be. eventually I plan on going back. I love the Oregon coast, the smells can be a little much but if you learn the local ecology it all makes sense. I used to lay in my bed late at night and listen to the sea lions barking in the bay. Everytime i heard the sea lions or saw the waves I was in awe ... i could help but say it out loud, even when i was alone ... "I live here". It was an amazing experience. I hope that one day I can go back to live there again. I am only going to be living 2 hours away and plan on making frequent trips. I cant wait to take certain friends there with me, I think a few of them really need the trip.

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Sounds like my story

you'll be ok, just dont think about your ex and find something you love as well. i know i use to live their in newport for several years. as for the smell you have to love the coast and you gonna be a fisherman. i love the fish smell, i was a tom boy as a little girl and still love to fish. get some friends together without woman and have a blast enjoying every peace of the coast, walking, talking, checking out everything, theres so much to do there and it doesnt cost a dime unless your a miss prissy all the time. camp with the boys somenight, its great but you gotta know where on the ocean you wont get caught. i am sorry for your breakup as i know to well, i just broke up with my fiance after six years, lol thats all you can do and move on. sincerely pebbles

LOL, of course you are, you are the only one i was even thinking about.

LOL, Good! I better be one of those " friends" Mr.! :)

If, and i am just saying If you are one of those friends then I say yes, yes we can.

If and I am just saying if I am one of those " friends" can we go up to Astoria to?