I Love The Original Marshall Tucker Band

Truthfully, the first time I heard their music I thought of it as twangy hillbilly music. It did little for me. How wrong I was. I had some very educated friends who absolutely loved this band and their music. Being open-minded, I listened several times and amazingly, I started to realize how right they were.
(Thanks, Tim Juettner) They were absolutely unique and exceptionally talented. They combined elements of Country, jazz, blues, western swing, gospel, and just maybe, a little rock and roll.

I have always been a fan of mountains, water, open skies, highways, vans, trucks, outdoors. Weird, since I grew up in Chicago. Perhaps I am a little bit of a farmer/ cowboy at heart. A vacation to the Smoky Mountains absolutely clinched my love of this music, and all it represents.

If you love this band the way I do, then we are kindred spirits and you are my friend. I absolutely love music and my tastes are diverse but this band reflects the essence of all that I am. Interestingly, Richard Harris affects me similarly, for very different reasons.

I am addicted to reading non-fiction, love tools, equipment, vehicles, travel and the great outdoors. Deeply involved with real estate and very entrepreneurial. Never wish to work in the summer and enjoy festivals and fairs.

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Jim Court
Elmhurst, Illinois

jimcourt jimcourt
Aug 13, 2010