My Home

       I live in North Dakota on a farm. My favorite thing about North Dakota is the sunrises and the sunsets. No where else have I seen a place that's quite as pretty in the morning and the evening. That's why it seems everyone around here drinks coffee - they want to get up early to watch the sunrise.
       Theres very little lakes or trees, but there is the badlands. I spose that's my second favorite. The Badlands are as awesome as the Grand Canyon and as beautiful as the Apalacian Mts. Of course they are on a smaller scale. Teddy Rosevelt call then "fantastically beautiful". If you see the badlands in pictures it hardly does them justice, they are simply something you have to see in real life.
        My third favorite is when it's close to harvest time and the wheat is full grown. When the wind is blowing a magical happenstance occur - the fields look like the ocean, they sway like waves in the sea.
       I do take this land for granted, but its my home.wink
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1 Response Aug 4, 2010

It sounds to me like you don't take it for granted at all. Nice story. Thanks for sharing it.