What Is The Point

Today I feel there is no point in life. Life now for me is full of disappointments. Yesterday, my wife took my kids away from me and I am now trying to find a shelter to live until I can put myself together. Last night I slept in my car. Life without my kids is meaningless. Why should I try to go on?
charlesofthewildwest charlesofthewildwest
51-55, M
8 Responses Nov 2, 2011

Why stop ...your still going. To, make a thought such as yours leaves us to believe your mission in this life has not been complete. Stopping or quitting is easy. Everyone does want that chance, but where is the fulfillment going to be, if no one wants to go on?

God has a plan for you and God can comfort you during this hard time. Just lean on him and ask him for help. He can strengthen you and help you like no other. I am praying for you also.God bless

I am working on ti.

i'm so sorry that it had to come to this. fight for all you can get, they do fight nasty. did you get your papers yet, file immediatly if she hasn't. It does give you the upper hand.

Thank you for all your supprt. I will fight, but some days it feels like a lost cause.

I'm sad that this has happened to you. Please, please hang in there! You will get through it, and your kids need you. You are not alone, we all go through difficult times....and you will make it through this one. If you have a lawyer, maybe you can fight for an arrangement like shared custody?? You love your kids, and so it's worth you looking into it. I agree...fight for what you want. I wish you all the best...I sincerely do. Hugs :))

I know that feeling, but for them try to stay strong, this is something that just happened so I understand what you're going through right now, but think about it, if you want your kids back, you have to fight for them, try to find information about what you can do about it, you're giving up on them, DON'T ever stop fighting for what you love, specially when they love you back and they know you are a good father

you are so right. Your words have made me realize I need to fight.

Hang in there, this you shall pass.