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Love Peeing Outdoors

so im really needing to go to the bathroom adn it surgent and well were on a hie and m girlfriend says baby can u let me sit on your legs so i can pee like sitign on a tiolet so i said ye of course we sat thier for 2 whole hours so then she wanted sex and i said yes buti really gotta pee and she said no u don't and i was doing teh dance and well she unzipped my pants and put her hand down my boxers and pulled out my **** and i let it go and my mom and dad were coming on the hike so i get them all wet and they say thanks then mom needs to pee so dad holds her adn she lets it go and im needing to pee just like my dad  and so my mom and my girlfriend pulls out our **** and we just let it go adn we are all jsut reliefed and well know were hoem and i gotta pee again so my girlfriend wants me to pee in her mouth and i don't know what to do about it but im at the computer needing to let it go but i can't and so my mom and day are asleep and well it me and my girlfriend and we are sitting i nth kitchen playing on my laptop and well she needs to pee so she pulls down her pants and panties and just takes it on the floor and the i pick her u pand put her in the sink and my dad does the same and da and i are peeing on our girlfriends and we are all about to go tp a party till we both gotta pee again and i am just bursting and my mom and my girlfriend are in the bathroon ai jsut gotta go .
timmyfuckingrules timmyfuckingrules 22-25 1 Response May 1, 2012

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I pee outdoors whenever possible. Just love it!!!

As do I ! It is the ultimate expression of unrestricted, unfettered "primal" animal behavior.
I'd be interested to know if others feel as I do ...
From the youngest age, peeing has always held an allure that came close to being sexual; every time was a tremendous sensory experience (approaching puberty it became a strongly "sexual" experience) for me. Understandable perhaps, especially for a male, as the sensory nerves that service these functions are in such close proximity. But urinating has always carried a nearly orgasmic charge for me; it still does, even now. The act of allowing warm liquid to flow out of my body carries the same sensory impact regardless of the particular liquid itself. This can be a liability in the corporate men's room, but everywhere else, I am transported to heights of pleasure (and sexual thoughts).
Are there others with such closely linked bodily functions? I'd bet that those who enjoy wetting their grown-up diapers know what I'm talking about. Of course they have the added layers of infantile memory to enhance that for them.
But for me, the release is always an ecstatic one! Especially outdoors!

I totally agree on the outdoor peeing part. I become aroused nearly every time my bladder fills. I'm not a wetter, but I love the sensation of shared urine.

Because I love to be naked and ********** outdoors, one of the things I also LOVE is to pee outdoors when I have an erection! I love being able to watch all of the urine come out in big, golden arcs and land either on the tree, fence, or grass. It's such a big turn-on that adds to the excitement of being outdoors naked!