Nothing more beautiful than a walk on the beach. A Hike in the woods. Watching a sunset from your backyard. I will be outside this summer enjoying this beautiful world rather than sitting in front of the TV with the AC cranked.
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Ditto. A day in the woods is always better than a day at work.

How is your summer going? I have watched some glorious sunsets this summer. Also spent 10 days exploring Kentucky. A beautiful state!!

I need my pockets no fun if not carrying food and dooode its not nooode if you're shoooooed

Seconds that

I find TV such a bore anyway.

Just walking or sitting watching nature pass by gets us away from the rat race - we all need a break.

Preferably with someone to share it with.

love to be your friend and take a walk with you

it be even better to do it nude

I agree. Hope you consider adding me.

Looking forward to the summer of 2014. Rough year, really need beach time. Only the beach clears a mind and body.

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Outdoors is great - for a wide variety of fun and satisfying experiences

the only way some wine an a lot of love making

This has always been a fantasy of mine and too bad my wife did not oblige when it was with in reach.... When I was a kid... 16-17 years old, I loved to back pack.... Well I found this spectacular waterfall 9 miles from the nearest road and well over a half a mile from the nearest trail... There was a pond under the waterfall that was loaded with fish....
I have always dreamed of taking a girl to that waterfall... Having her remove her top there and .....

Well after I got married, I took my wife there (had my camera) had her pose in front of the waterfall, I then asked her to remove her top.... She flatly refused :(..... I mean we are in the middle of no where in one of the most scenic spots around... There wasn't anyone around for over a mile and????

Well that is still a fantasy of mine.....

Yes I love the outdoors and it is a lot better than sitting around with the TV on!!!!

very true...

Oh I love the outdoors!

Doing all that when naked is much more enjoyable. I hope you get to try it.

Great story
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Nice please add me

It was a great summer.

I so agree. Urban life gives me head aches. I'm starting to hate looking in streets at trash and cracked road and dead dirty grass and misty air and murky water and just no green. I hate it so much

I also do my best to avoid TV and the A/C. I have to use the A/C some in the summer, but I keep the thermostat up quite high so it doesn't run much, and usually open the windows at night. And TV? Its been several years since I have even switched mine on.

soooo with you =)

I lived a lot of my early years out and about in a place called The Land of Enchanted Mountains. Green valleys with fast flowing water, mountain brooks with endless waterfalls all became special to me when I was young. Having traveled a good deal in the world (much of it on business) and like everyone coped with the challenges in life ... I still feel the most at peace, still feel like I'm home, on my occasional visits back to where I mostly grew up in the hills and valleys and mountains. The sound of rushing water was always the last thing we would hear at night and the first thing to hear when you woke up, along with the birds and the natural world starting another day.

For me, it's a wonderful escape from the stress and responsibilities of business and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Believe that the six generations of my family who lived on the land I grew up on, all probably had a better quality of life than so many of us do today. Know life was often very challenging for them, but they were much closer to nature and then most today. They were hard working, mostly uncomplicated people, who seemed calm and at peace far more then what I see in myself and others today.

Sitting on the front porch in the evening, looking out over the small valley, not being able to see another house or hear people, save the not very frequent passing of a car, usually with folks we knew waving to us or going out over the bank behind the barn to sit on an old wooden bench between grandfathers fish ponds, listening to frogs, enjoying the beauty of water lilies, neighbors coming to visit, evenings with the old piano leading folks in songs, early morning walks in heavy dew out to the barn to start chores, rides up the mountain on horseback, hours spent in a hidden glen, along a brooks under a dense canopy of forest, where it was always cool even in the hottest weather.

What a blessing nature can be in ones life, if we just get out and find places where we can see and hear and feel part of the beauty and the peace of the natural world, whether it's the waves rolling in from the seas or lapping ashore on a lake somewhere or a walk down country roads on the rolling plains or sailing across water with wind in your sails or skating across a pond in the winter or sitting out on a porch listening to summer rain on on leafy trees or walking along a creek, sitting on a country bridge watching the water flow past as your feet dangle above it or heading up into the mountains ... for me, few things provide as much peace and good feelings as the great outdoors.

Hope you all are enjoying a nice summer. It often seems to go so fast ... but then there is Fall and the amazing beauty of nature producing such colorful displays. :)

soooooo nice..I would never leave.

Right said. Modern people need to break the shackles of laziness.

I also enjoy the outdoors, but this summer it seems that my beloved Rocky Mountians are on fire.

At the beach is my preference or hiking in the woods.That is where I want to be.Yes I would miss my EP friends but it is just a refreshing thing to do is be out in nature.

as it should be *dances*

Outside is almost always better. But then there are days like today - 100 with dew pt in the 70's... Still will be out this evening.