The Wind Is Alive !

it's probably common sense that we can't see wind. from where i sit, i can see wind. i can see the trees swing, watch the leaves dance, i can hear the air sing and i don't have to close my eyes to see the direction it's moving in. like friends of old reunited again, the trees seem to applaud and say hurray hurray. for a moment the current and the whistling tree tops, they seem to shout encore encore. the wind it must be a good performer. the sun i know is wondering, "who's taking those trees attention from us". the trees and me and the blind in-between, we're all caught in the enchantment of the wind. the wind sometimes is like a necromancer. the shadows i'll see the chills i'll feel the fear i'll dream it's time to flee the ghosts in the trees and the howling by the moonlighting. that is the wind, the thing that i see, swaying in front of me, swaying the blinder and the trees.
VaguelyOutThere VaguelyOutThere
26-30, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

leaves dance in the wind :) awsome write!