A Flat Tire Is A Good Thing.

A country road. A beautiful day. A time before cell phones. A flat tire. It had to be an early Autumn-late Spring-ish kinda month. I can't remember where I was going but I know it was on a road I had been on many time. I pull over to the drive way that led to an old dilapidated old tobacco barn. Farmers didn't use this kind anymore.They have moved on to the metal ones and while this one wasn't falling down, the holes in the roof helped to show it's age. Birds and snakes were probably the only ones paid any attention to the old thing. I sure hadn't. It was while I was on stranded on the side of the road that I truely saw the beauty of the old thing. The barn had charm with it's hanging wooden door. I had nothing else to do and was now almost enchanted with the scene. It was like a postcard now that I could really see it. The grass had grown up tall in some places and sweet grass patches made purple little splashes of color. I couldn't help but walk over, pick a piece of the grass and chew on it. I ran my fingers through the tall grass as I made my way to the rear of the old shack. It took a little bit of time as the barn was off the road a bit. The air smelled a little sweeter. Morning glory had wrapped itself around the poles that held up the little shelter to the left of the door. Old blowers were lined up along side the walls with a few tobacco sticks. Of course the birds were sounding the alarm to each other that a stranger had came but eventually they calmed down. I can not explain the peace that surrounded that place. I went back to my car and drove it (and ruined a rim) down to the barn and sat there alone. I guess it was about 45 minutes later the landowner came and asked if he could help me. He was really nice about finding a stranger there. ( I guess someone say my red car there and called him concerned as small town people are apt to do) He changed my tire and told stories about working the fields of tabacco and the old farm workers that helped his father each summer. The bottled Pepsi and MoonPie breaks they looked forward too. The women who were "handers" were always a day behind on their "stories" (soap operas) because they had their friends watch and catch them up later that evening when they went home. Then they'd come to work the next day and going into full fits about who did what to whom on the stories. When he finished, he said, "Stay as long as you want. This old 'baccer barn ain't seen no one in a long time." It was one of the best days of my life. I am grateful for that old flat tire.
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5 Responses Jan 15, 2013

What a great place to have a flat.

Sounds like a great place.

That must have been a great time, I can remember old barns and fields with tall grass to play in during the summer break from school. Usually there was a small pond creek close by them to do some fishing in or ice skate in the winter.

I enjoyed reading your story. I also enjoy any old building and love to explore them and just try to think what life it has had.

Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.