I like to walk in the sun, rain or snow. I like to be outside, breath the fresh air and simply be.

I have a tree in my front yard and when the wind blows on it's leaves they look like a thousand butterfly wings.

I have flowers down the driveway that when you walk up (it's a good 1500 feet) you smell different odors.

I have a tree right outside my bedroom window so that in the morning when I wake up the first thing hear are the leaves moving to the sound of the wind or rain pitter patting on the leaves.

I have many bird feeders and they come to eat early in the morning chattering joyfully. I like the sound when a humming bird is close buy, it truly hums...

I have lots of raspberries this year and I'm planning f having a garden with a lot of fruit and veggies next year. And an even bigger bed of flours with sunflowers and daisys, my favorite.

I have a new house, bought it last year, and it needs lots of love. A balcony, roofing, exterior, paint job inside... all over but I love it. It's little and comfortable. Enough to invite you in and not be shy. Sit comfortably in any sofa, put your feet up and relax :-)

Welcome to my world...

Blanche08 Blanche08
36-40, F
1 Response Aug 16, 2014

**pulls up a chair....puts my feet up**

**grabs coffee..**

what a wonderful post....love it xx

Always a pot of coffee freshly brewed just incase you drop by ;-)

Ill cycle by on my way home....hehehe!! 💝☕

Please do :-)

On my way ....just finished work... Sooo looking forward to a hot shower...and of course...a hot large coffee ... 😊

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