I love to go wandering in the wilds of the New Forest which is so close to our town, and almost adjacent to our house. I go walking there for hours, sometimes never seeing another person the whole time I'm there!

I have often taken off all my clothes as I walked, and I feel the air on my body. It's such a delight!

As autumn settles over the forest it is transformed and becomes something both inspiring and menacing and cold, but still that place I love to meander, and lose a few hours.

I think I would be happiest living in the forest like the animals there, hibernating perhaps when it is too cold.
DearbhalC95 DearbhalC95
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Love being in the wilderness. Its where we are supposed to be, not in a concrete jungle

The concrete surrounds and civilises our fears of the unknown, and then we lock ourselves away scared of the jungle outside!