A Saturday Fishing Story

Last Saturday, my wife and I had the opportunity to go offshore fishing with a good friend of ours. He's got a nice 26' cabin cruiser, and it handles the swells pretty good. To our surprise, the Atlantic was as smooth as a lake, and the weather was a sunny 75 degrees. It turned out to be the most awesome fishing trip I've ever experienced. First off, if you weren't already aware, we are nudists. So we got to spend the day naked in the sun (always a plus!), and at thirty miles off shore, there's no legal issues with it. On our way out, after witnessing a gorgeous sunrise, we were greeted by a school of porpoise's that swam along side the boat. If you've never seen them up close, let me say that they are truly amazing animals. A few miles farther out, a mother Right Whale and her calf surfaced off our starboard bowrail. They are an endangered species, so we kept a safe distance (but snapped some pictures of course... we may never get THAT opportunity again). I'd heard of them being spotted off our coast, but I've never seen one in person... and I'm a Florida native! Well, as the day progressed, we found our special spot to fish, and we had a great time. Not that we caught anything worth keeping, we just had fun catching a variety of sea life, including two small reef sharks. We were visited throughout the day by a variety of birds and some huge sea turtles (as well as a few fishing boats that just had to check out the naked people!). Later in the afternoon, we had soaked up all of the sunshine we could handle, so we headed back in. Looking forward to the two and a half hour ride back to the dock, we retired to the cabin a stuffed a DVD into the player and watched TV (so maybe we're a little spoiled!). About half way through the movie, My friend called me to the deck to see what had to be the most incredible thing I've ever seen in the water. We stopped the boat and watched a school (not just one... but about ten to fifteen) of Ocean Sunfish just slowly meandering about right at the surface. The water was smooth and the sun was still high so we had a great view of the largest of the bonefish in the ocean. (again, we put the Nikon to work) These fish are similar to the perch family, but grow to over two thousand pounds. There's nothing more humbling than being out in the ocean, nothing but water in all directions, no land in sight and looking down at a fish, twenty yards away that is as big as your boat! It's a great reminder of how much there is to see in this world, and I had the chance to experience all that in one incredible day. I can't imagine ever having a day like that again, but you better believe I'll be paying more attention to the ocean around me from now on...

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5 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Awesome ! mother nature is incredible ! ive had dolphins folluw us for miles off shore in the summer in the north east ! hope you got good pics !

Super story and very envious of your trip

its only three months into the year, wait till summer is here and you will have better stories and new adventures on the high seas

Wow, fantastic story! I am green with envy!

very beautiful story- thanks for sharing this!