Where I Would Rather Be

I have had the pleasure of spending most of my working life in the outdoors.

I have learned to open my senses to experience the environment under many different circumstances.  It's important to feel it.

I have learned about life and death, peace and ferocity.  Calm and fear.  I have learned to accept these things by being there. 

These lessons have stayed with me, weaving their way in to my being in order to make me stronger, more resilient, more forgiving, less cynical. 

I have learned to trust that things will end up as they are supposed to.  I have learned how to relax.

I treasure the time I get to spend out there.  It's like going home.

WholeMan WholeMan
51-55, M
2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Thats so Henry Thoreau...... I wish I could get that close to nature

me too. there is a calm fluidity in what you say. it feels like you feel life and it seems to me that this is why we are here. I agree that is important to relax, be there, and 'feel it'. welcome home--its worth the journey, isn't it?