Stressbusting ..

I was feeling in a very tense and low mood this morning after a bad work choice and tried to think of something to shake me out of it.

Thought of retail therapy .. trip to town and returning with all kinds of goodies .. but from past experience I know the high of shopping is very temporary  .. especially when short of money.

Sat in the garden thinking ..


Then found myself curious by a little bird singing it's head off in a faraway tree and went in to fetch  a pair of powerful but  rarely used binnoculars.

 Spent the next hour spying on lots of little, and not so little, birds as they sang, hopped around and preened themselves in in the branches ..

Now I am searching through a bird book as there is a a very pretty little bird with pink feathers I have never seen before ..

And guess what .. ?

I feel a bit happy, my despondent mood has lifted altogether  ...


Hmm .. pretty sure the bird is not a flamingo !!


Chaffinch male

This looks more like it ... !


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Thank you :)

I am glad you felt better.

I am glad you felt better.

Lol .. I believe there is some confusion here <br />
<br />
That pic is not what I saw in the tree <br />
<br />
The last one is more like it

Lol .. I believe there is some confusion here <br />
<br />
That pic is not what I saw in the tree <br />
<br />
The last one is more like it

These birds so not look at all like chaffinches. They are, I believe, one of the five species of flamingo. There are much smaller varieties than the one commonly seen in pictures. Even waterfowl will perch in trees. I have often seen even ducks perching in trees.

Mother Nature is the great healer. My other house had lots of trees and birds. Sitting by the lilacs and listening to the mourning doves always did miracles for my spirit. <br />
I've never seen a pink bird, except flamingos at the zoo.

LOl .. I think I decided it had to be a male chaffinch .. but not at sure .. it was very bright pink

I just now found this story. What was the pink bird?

hmm .. I dont think we have humming birds in England .. do we?<br />
<br />
I never used to notice birds but now I see them everywhere and will wait to see who is singing that funny song in a bush .. <br />
<br />
When I take my dog out over the hills I alway take a bag of cake crumbs to see what birds are about<br />
<br />
We don't have such beautifully coloured ones here but lot of very pretty small birds <br />
<br />
I can't remember what a butcher bird looks like .. gonna google it<br />
<br />
George Butch sounds like an Australian male! Haha

it looks like a humming bird to me...but there are a few varieties of them ...<br />
im really lucky cos i live among the birds ...i have all kinds in my yard but one in particular a butcher bird comes into my kitchen every morning for a feed...he lands on the table while im having my coffee..we call him george butch...<br />
if im outside especially workin in the garden and havent noticed him yet he will brush past my cheek and i have to dig him some cant get to close to him ...he will fly away's always on his terms

Do you have them as far north as Hartlepool Zagglle?<br />
I thought it would be way too cold.

pink one?

Haha .. I think it was a bullfinch1<br />

Thank you leab2. I also enjoy walking and cycling .. anything outdoors lifts my mood

I love birds too. Just living their life. Talking, singing, sitting on the branches existing... I can lose myself for a while in just watching them.

I think it might be a chaffinch. None around here however they are known to visit some of Australia's islands. (I cheated, used my Field Guide to the Birds of Australia)

Oh .. well I am not certain but I think it was a chaffinch



I love this story! Did you identify the bird yet?

Thanks Berry <br />
<br />
Hope all is cool with you and yours : )

Good luck!

Thank you .. now doing major spring clean!!

Well its been a nice day for it. I'm glad you feel better...=) <br />
<br />
I always sit out in the evening when i need to relax...

Yes .. there I was sitting there wondering what to do and as it turned out sitting there was the best thing to do .. hmmm

Just sitting outside is always a wonderful way to make me feel better too.

Hmmm ...

Lady T<br />
<br />
Very nice. <br />
<br />
I think it is definitely not a flamingo, as i do not know them to perch.<br />
<br />