Prunetree Petals

I live in a city of about one million people, but my roots are in the country.  I love the city and wouldn't like to live anywhere else.  Most of my friends are here and the city has a lot to offer.  I don't go to the theatre or to galleries weekly but to know that they're here gives me a very comfortable feeling.  Moreover there's connections to everywhere and I wouldn't like to miss that either.   I don't wish anything but staying where I am. 

That's less boring than it sounds.  My life is eventful but my house is a heaven and a safe base. 

A feature I'm particularly fond of is my garden.  There's a big window that shows the seasons do their thing.  Every moment of the year has its particular charm and beauty.  Especially the awakening of nature in early springtime is great.  In spite of the weather that can still be harsh and almost pitiless, everything is pushing for the outside and promising it's wealth of colors and shades. 

I don't work a lot in the garden, though each time I'm surprised how healthy and relaxing it is.  Apart from summertime I don't spend a lot of time in the garden just for pleasure either.  Yet I wouldn't like to miss it for any money.  Just the sight of it is a daily joy and so is every short stroll. 

Nature and the outdoors seem far away in the city, yet my garden is a calm, pretty silent and very private.  The credit for that goes to some giant trees in the adjacent gardens. 

One of those is an incredible treat.  It's a prune tree that once a year turns into a fabulous white boucquet as if for some supernatural bride. 

The days the tree blossoms are for me among the most beautiful of the year.  I can't take my eyes of it.  And when it looses its immaculate little petals like a soft and late drizzle of snow, part of my garden becomes the bride.  It is always with a little sadness that I watch this happening.

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Oh, thank you for reading my post, dearest Dolly, and for sharing my fondness of that little patch of nature!

So great that you can relax in your garden ..