Fishing, Camping, Hiking.

I like to go way up to Maine, a small town, with a few breakfast and local places to eat and a dunkin doughnuts, need my ice coffee.. A Walmart an hour away, cabin on the water,mt views..kayack, boat, fishing, swimming, hot humid weather, some good thunderstorms, taking photos..on the lake in raft,  cooking on the grill, chicken, steak tips, dogs and burgers, salsa.. salad, veggies, fruit,  ice cold beers, Corona for me,  renting a few movies at night, firepit at night.  hiking during the day,  Now I need a couple good girls to bring with me....need to get some good lures..sencko's   pumpkinseed, grape, weedless hooks, some new line,  nothing like kayaking in the early morning with fog comming of a glass like quiet except for the birds, no wind..the sound of my ice coffee, and rod with me..taking some pictures..warm and humid...ahh  cant wait to do that...peace, relaxation..
Jackk45 Jackk45
46-50, M
May 18, 2012