Love, Love, Love The Outsiders

I first read this book when I was 12. My friends and I went nuts over all the actors when the movie came out.

I even made it required reading when I taught 6th grade.

There is also a 20th anniversary DVD out that has extra scenes that were deleted from the first movie.

RIP Patrick Swayze (loooooved Darry)
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2 Responses Dec 31, 2012

I cyberschooled my daughter last year for 5th grade and this was on her list of choices. Much to my wife's delight, Elizabeth chose this novel to read! It's an awesome read!!! I enjoyed quizzing her, and learned more about the story that way.

My daughter read it for class and she is in 7th grade. We all watched it and to the surprise of my wife and I the acting wasn't as good as we remembered.

Still a good movie.

The acting was horrible. I agree.

When I was younger it was great. Almost everyone one of those guys became huge stars.