I Think I Just Met Death At A Fast Food Place O.o

I really did not think of it eariler and it probable nothing but yeah, when I picked up my husband this morning we got into a fight so he told me to go to hell and I drove off. a few mintures later I get a call from him saying to meet him at a certain taco bell to talk...well I ended up going to another taco bell. I was not thinking really when I saw the funeral car, but after I parked and went inside the building there was no one there expect for this older gentlemen I just asked where my husband was and he just reply he did not know that he saw someone get into a truck. Well I just blew it off because I was tired (and still am) and I walked out. I Sat there for a few to feed my son Loki when that guy came out and went into the funeral car. After feeding my son I put him in his car seat then left. As soon as I got home my husband called again to come get him which I did, but when I waas coming home some number 1-000-000-000 called my cell. My husband answered but they told him they want to speak to me. Well I could not  really tell by the voice who it was and really I am sure it is nothing but today has just been a weird day.Later on tonight me and my husband are heading to a abandon warehouse,well post anything if anything happens.
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4 Responses May 13, 2011

well thats an Hell of a story.

I just found out it was a grim-reaper btw a type known as a tall man, I think I surprised him more then him surprising me x.x

He lives up to it an he is only 6 months

HOLY !!! that is weird, and you son is named Loki ? Name of a Norse God, good name.<br />
and that number, well, really Weird.

He lives up to his name