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 I have been involved with the paranormal since I was 10. I picked a book by Colin Wilson on the occult. I was hooked.

 It was the year of "The Exorcist", so it was not out of the ordinary. Uri Geller was bending spoons too.

 My dad worked with a guy who's wife had psychic visions. She told me a story where her Grandma died and was in a casket in the living room. She refused to look at her there.

 When she went to bed, she saw her Grandma walk through the door and to her bed. She said, "I've come to put your hair in rag doll curls." This freaked her out, so the little girl covered her head.

 "Let me put your hair in rag doll curls. They took mine," her Grandma said, even though she was under the blankets.

 She peeked out and saw that her Grandma had her hair cut short. This was a common practice around that time to help pay for the funeral. The hair was sold to wig makers.

 She screamed. Her dad came running in and asked her what the problem was. She told her that Grandma had come in and scared her. She told her father what Grandma was wearing and how her hair was cut short.

 Her father was silent. He knew that she hadn't seen her Grandma and comforted her by saying, "It was Grandma telling you she still loves you."

 I liked that story when I she told it to me. Later her own grandsons died in a drowning accident. She saw them too. It was very hard on her.

 Coast To Coast is a great radio show that has tales like mine on it all the time. Sometimes it's far fetched and hard to buy, but other times it's really freaky.

 If you're a fan of the paranormal, find it on your radio dial. Do it before they're shut down. You'll hear stuff you never thought possible.

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My favorite para podcast is Spooky Southcoast

I listen to Coast to Coast every chance I get, but I wish I had a schedule of when they are on all the time. Seems I can only catch them here and there and that other guy talking about money stuff seems to always be on. So fascinating though. I could listen to Coast to Coast for hours on end.<br />
<br />
God Bless

I am not a fan but I do believe that sometimes people do go through that. It is interesting.