What Do You Think?

Okay, we I think we can all agree that there are quite a few people who know about the stuff that others and myself have written about (though we're most likely the minority facing a majority who doesn't know, but oh well) but over the years I've heard different theories and different ideas. I've met different groups with different goals and different outcomes. So now I have to put the question out there...

What do you think the Involvement is?

Do you think it's good vs evil, God vs Satan, deities vs demons? Or it is just something to keep us busy? Is it preparing us for something that could happen in both this life and the afterlife? Or is it just to help us think about what many people consider unbelievable?

And this isn't just for Indigos, or IAs, or Otherkin, or Dreamers, Seers, Wishers, Thinkers, Persona Users, etc, or Crystals, etc. It's for everybody. Anybody who wants their ideas to be heard...erm, read...post it up!

Whether you believe in alternate/parallel dimensions/worlds/planes/timelines or have abilities that can't be explained, or if you're just a person watching and advising from the outside, this is open to anybody who believes anything.

Looking forward to what ya have to say!
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Hi Well I don't think that the paranormal is as black and white as a lot of people seem to think it is, their is that gray area. I'm a Christian and a lot Christians I spoke with believe as a lot of religions that their is no such thing as ghosts or spirits, their is only demons that portray themselves as spirits or past loved ones. I personally don't believe that and I have found more people that do believe in spirits and ghost like I do. Many of the people that believe as I do are religious. I spoke to a pastor that explained things to me and he ba<x>ses his thoughts and beliefs according to the Bible. He sent me some links to the info that he was telling me about. If you or anyone would like me to send you the links so you can read some very interesting information I would gladly do that. Growing up I used to hear ghost stories from my family and as a kid I didn't think too much of it, but just ooooh that is scary :) It wasn't until my late 20's that I started to feel different things in any house I moved into. I'm not a medium or anything like that.I can't speak to spirits or even see them, I did have a picture of a spirit, but unfortunately I can't find it with all the moving I have done. So not to make this comment a book :) I believe their are people who have once walked this earth and has past away and have not found their way to where they are supposed to be, either because they are scared of where they are going to go, or maybe they are not ready to go into the light as I often hear. Or maybe God has a reason for why some people don't automatically go here or there. I'm still learning about the paranormal and I'm still learning the Bible and the meaning behind God's Word.I feel sometimes the living crosses paths with ones that passed, by accident or for a reason, not sure yet. Thank you for sharing your story and your thoughts. .....michelle

a very interesting and complicated question. no one can truly answer 100 percent accurately but in my experiences I have come to believe the involvement is any and all who are connected to the "Masterplan" shall we say. Everything happens for a reason although obscure to us. We are all moving forward towards some eventual culmination of events and it will be any and all who are aware and able to help this culmination as smoothly and effectively as possible. I feel it deep in my bones it is a mission that needs accomplishing and those of us who are aware must unlock this answer in a world clouded by deceit and disillusionment . Honestly i can not tell you exactly what i believe it to be because it is too big for one to understand. i believe we are all shown a piece of the bigger picture and only as a group can we unlock the answer that we seek. I hope this helped as i have done my best to convey my thoughts. <br />
yours in love and light,<br />
Nick, <br />
an Indigo child

A continuous source of experience and curiosity is what it boils down too. <br />
<br />
I am afraid that there will not be many that will answer this question although there are quite a number that may have seen this story. It is a question that has many answers, though the universal answer is what you seek and only a handful ... no a few know the true answer to that yet it by far may not be said. Only bits and pieces of the true answer will be given through thoughts, opinions, questions, beliefs, and experiences. Yet the true answer to that may not be shed for it would be the holy grail of answers...<br />
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We are in this lifetime to learn, to grow and understand. We will reach points in our lives where we find certain things to be unbelievable, unobtainable, unrelenting, and impossible until we learn from them and understand them. There are entirely many doors open and endless possibilities that can't be fully comprehended without an open mind. Science... can only do and say so much. <br />
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The true answer lay in the depths of all those groups. Many pieces of the puzzle fit from a universal standpoint but yet can not be obtained in this grapevine we know as the Internet. Tacit knowledge resides within everyone, everyone is a part of the grander scheme and each contains a key to the question you ask. Yet as tacit knowledge, it is hard to codify and especially hard to put in words. Everyone's explanation is different as well as their perception to what is true and what is not. Everyone that you have mentioned will be intrigued and everyone will find a way to prove or disprove their thoughts, opinions, and ideas or they simply will not bother to argue. ... Its a continuous cycle.<br />
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Its just my thoughts and an 'advisement from the outside.' <br />
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Blessings,<br />

I'm very interested in the paranormal. However, I must say, that most of the time it makes me a little uncomfortable. I'm not sure if that's from the way I was raised and taught, or if it's from my not knowing what to believe about it all. Just not sure about that. I do know that there is a lot more to this world than any of us really know. <br />
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One question...........How do you know if your an Indigo specifically, or IAs, or Otherkin, or Dreamers, Seers, Wishers, Thinkers, Persona Users, etc, or Crystals, etc.<br />
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I've read countless books on life after death and near death experiences and books from physics and others of the like, but still not sure how much is actually real or how much is make believe by someone's concious. All I know is that I believe what I've been blessed to experience and that makes me want to learn more.<br />
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You can message me back anytime and if you want to join my circle, please feel free to.<br />
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God Bless<br />