Perplexed By Voices On A Ghost Box

A few years ago, when I used to be a student at a college for nursing studies that I have long since transferred from, I was fortunate enough to meet with one of the instructors there who was a paranormal investigator.

The man was not an instructor of mine.
He invited me to go with him and his group on a paranormal investigation one night. Being a paranormal enthusiast, I accepted the invitation.

I live in Canada. The paranormal investigation group I was in contact with said equipment they required for their investigations had to be ordered from the USA. The lead investigator had ordered what is called a ghost box from the States; it was a radio type device which did not come to him in the mail assembled as a unit; he had to order bits and parts of it separately. Later, he called it a modern version of the Frank box.

One night, I went with his group to a cemetery. It is called Queen's cemetery; not only is it a historic place where World War 2 soldiers were laid to rest, it is also a burial ground where persons of all religions and cultures may bury their dead. One section is reserved for persons of the Jewish faith; another section is Buddhist. A small temple with offerings of fruit upon it stands off to another side of the cemetery.

We gathered around the grave of a famous wrestler whose name I cannot remember right now. I sat on a bench and the ghost box was set beside me. Everyone become quiet, almost as if they were in awe of something, and respectful of it. This was a first for me, so I played the part of the quiet spectator.

The lead investigator started talking to 'anybody who was around'. We were not here to cause any harm to them, we just wanted to talk with them if anybody was listening, he said. He asked anybody who was listening to please give a sign, to talk back on the radio set down on the bench.
This went on for 15 minutes with nothing coming through on the ghost box.
I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes; I waved them away, more than a little annoyed.
Then, the investigator said, “Do you want us to be here?"
And static on the device beside me cleared momentarily. A male voice on it distinctly said "No", followed by another quieter male voice repeating "no".

I almost jumped 60 feet into the air, it was so unexpected.

The investigator said, “That was a pretty distinct 'no'", as he turned off the device. We left the area.

On another occasion, while talking to the investigator online, I asked to have a voice session with him on the ghost box. It was very late at night but he agreed. He started the ghost box.
Again, for a while, he talked to it, asking it questions, getting no answers.
He said he thought something was trying to come through. Becoming a bit impatient, I told him “tell it to talk directly to me".
I heard him say, “she wants you to talk directly to her, can you do that?"
Nothing came through the static of the device for several minutes. Then, the investigator asked it if it could say my name. He said, “Can you say her name? Can you say Sara?"
A moment later, a mechanical sounding voice that was neither female nor male, piped up, speaking my name in a most sinister, gleeful, even throaty manner.

I felt a coldness take cold of my whole body when I heard this. The paranormal investigator started laughing and asked. “Did you hear that??"
"Yes I heard it," I said, but my mind was already thinking of rational explanations for what had just occurred. Feedback on the radio channels? Somebody playing a trick on me and talking through the device, much like a walkie talkie?

To this day, I haven't been able to figure it out.

The investigation group I had these two experiences would prefer to be unnamed; all that was recorded on tape is their property.

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I have heard of this before. I must Google the Frank box. I don't know if I would be comfortable with some unknown entity knowing my name. Interesting experience though.

Do you mind me asking what faith you were raised in? do you still abide by it?

I often think how similar the internet is to afterlife exploration, as in we never really know who or what it is we are communicating with.

Que evil laughter

Yeah freaky...<br />
Not enough to convince a debunker of course but definitely enough to satisfy most people... especially if its your ghost box and you understand what the circuit is, how it works and you use it yourself without informing anyone else etc...<br />
you would come to know weather or not it was legit... and I have no problem accepting that these work... (but I guess I would only really be 100% "freaked" if I did the experiment myself... as you could take careful precautions and leave no doubt in your mind)....<br />
Having said that the device is kinda like a Ouija board... and no-doubt plugs into the lower astral.... where the dregs tend to gravitate..(due to their low frequencies ETC... like mud on the bottom of a pond LOL)... so I would not like to utilize such a device extensively for obvious reasons (the same reason why I would not physically hang out in biker bars etc i.e. with drug dealers, junkies and ex-cons.)...<br />
But I would like to utilize one just to confirm to myself the my belief system is not totally ba<x>sed on bullshit.... LOL and such things can help to convince people that what science preaches may not be the whole truth...

That was an awesome story! Things like this creep me out but excite me at the same time lol

I think I'd jump 60 feet in the air, too!